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2866 Page Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA
Telephone: 734-477-0700
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Email: info@premierimportsllc.com
Premier Imports, LLC dba Russian Spirits USA is an importer of premium distilled spirits. We specialize in unique Russian Vodka that is distilled with "live" water and ecologicaly clean products. Although we are constantly expanding our portfolio of products the brands that are available now are: Moscow Lakes Vodka, Pyat Ozer, 5 Lakes, Hot Ice and Glacier Diamond.
On Track Global Consulting Services is a division of Premier Imports, LLC that offers consulting services to the US Companies that want to do business with railroads abroad and to foreign Companies seeking to sell products and services to the US railroads. We also import and export heavy equipment for road and track maintenance.
On Track Global Consulting Services
PRIMO MOTORI is a division of Premier Imports, LLC that imports/exports specialty, hard-to-find, luxury and unique automobiles and motorcycles. Some of our specialties include a large selection of Screaming Eagle Harleys, Ducati motorcycles and military type Eastern European vehicles. Primo Motori will find and supply the vehicle per your order.
Russian Spirits USA
Located in Wauconda, Illinois (north and west of Chicago) Krebs Custom is known for producing top-quality AK-pattern rifles, and highly innovative rifles and accessories that bring the AK design into the 21st Century. Krebs Custom serves the US retail, wholesale, and military markets, and has built rifles for West Point, Hollywood movies, and the average US citizen
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