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Night Fire is now a part of every Class
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Although we encourage our students to bring their own NV equipment, we also understand that not everyone has access to Night Vision optics. Just for that we have several Soviet type weapons in various calibers that are equipped with original NV scopes for night fire and are available to our students.

We at Behind Lines are constantly striving to add more reality elements into our training courses. Based on overwhelming response from several classes where we've incorporated night shooting as a bonus, we've decided to make it a permanent part of Behind Lines training.

Soviet Spetsnaz had used night vision equipment extensively at every theatre with great success. We feel it is necessary to expose our trainees to this unique part of overall training experience.
As we are trying to make sure that your experience of training with us is as authentic as possible, we provide the NV equipment that was utilized by Soviet and is currently being used by Russian Armed Forces. This includes several 1PN58 (NSPU-M2) and 1PN34 (NSPU) rifle scopes as well as several BN-2 NV binoculars.
Among sniper rifles that are equipped with NV optics we offer SVD and ultra rare SVDS sniper rifles in 7.62X54R caliber. Both are currently in service with Russian Armed Forces.
In addition, several assault rifles can be provided in both 5.45X39 and 7.62X39 calibers. Provided by Behind Lines firearm lineup includes one the latest Russian designs AK 103, current issue main battle rifle AKS 74N and rare AKMN.
Tools of the trade
Pair of fire support weapons is also offered to the trainees. RPKN in 7.62X39 and RPK 74N in 5.45X39 that is a current issue to the Russian Army.
With wide variety of NV equipped weapons and experienced instructors trainees are sure to get unique and exciting experience and gain a new set of skills.
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