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A discount is offered to all Active Duty Military and Law Enforcement.
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Apart from the main objective of a class, students will be introduced to elements of Infantry, Special Ops or Spetsnaz unit operation such as unit movement, acting within an assigned role, limited leadership roles and responsibilities, bivouac set up, basic radio com, observe and report intelligence gathering, battlefield sketching, ranging, concealment and others.
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BEHIND LINES is a division of Premier Imports, LLC and was created in 2008 to provide weapons and tactics training. BEHIND LINES offers a series of classes ranging from Soviet Spetsnaz Sniper to Battlefield Medical Training and Armorers Courses that were designed to satisfy a wide range of customers from history buffs and re-enactors to Law Enforcement and Military.
BEHIND LINES Classes are open for enrollment and are available to everyone. No prior military training is necessary. However, the classes are designed as realistically as possible and based on real military firearms and tactical training that usually include extensive shooting and some limited physical activities.
Although unnecessary, but for a more realistic feel and to increase load for unit movement exercises, students are always welcome to bring their gear such as body armor, helmet, etc.

Most importantly, please do not forget to bring an OPEN MIND and be ready to do a lot of learning and to have tons of fun.

Please carefully read the Class Instructions when registering for any Class. The instructions will provide information about gear and tools that are provided at the site by BEHIND LINES, or must be brought by the student or not required, but allowed items.
Now every Class includes
Night Fire exercise!
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First Winter/Cold Weather Sniper Class was held at Sayre Sportsmen's Class in Athens, PA on January 29-30. Snow, cold and plenty of shooting makes for great fun. Read more about it
New 2012 Classes added.
The rigs will be available at all classes or could be ordered directly from
Beez Combat Systems
“Products and Services”
New February 25-26 Winter/Cold Weather Spetsnaz Sniper Class in Little Rock, AR added. For the first time this class will be held on at premier DARC facility. Read about the Direct Action Resource Center
2012 Class schedule is set.
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